PODCASTS, VIDEOS AND ARTICLES BY CHAD CORNELL Featured: “Spiritual Healing Crisis or Mental Illness” with Marjolaine Forest

TALL GRASS PRAIRIE BAKERY is creating a healthy culture by providing a good living & paying their organic farmers fairly.

A COMMON LINK. A series of interviews with natural health practitioner Terry Bell by Marjolaine Forest.

UNITED PLANT SAVERS Featured podcast with Susan Leopold PhD, Executive Director of United Plant Savers

“I was speaking out, but it was my duty to speak out.” – Dr Shiv Chopra, September 2017

We produced this mini-doc to take a look at the threat on gmo’s in our food and environment, in particular the perennial alfalfa. Featuring Dr. Kevin Spelman, Dr. Robert Verkerk, Dr Shiv Chopra, Jeffrey Smith, Pat Mooney, Kurt Shmon, Dean Harder. Narration by Bob Fuhr