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night light / décor / meditation lamp

The Boreal Lights Espoir series of lamps are a one of a kind night light / meditation lamp / décor. The Espoir Series lamps are unique hand crafted lamps that will transform the look and feel of a home, work space or subtly change the atmosphere in any room. In the Espoir series no two lamps will be exactly alike.


Each wooden base has a natural edge with subtle differences in wood tones that are highlighted with the ambient soft light and different coloured shades. Each base Is harvested from cut ends of Western Maple and other Canadian hard woods, giving each lamp a “one of” that you will appreciate. We use water based stain and a old crafters varnish with a hand-rubbed quality finish on each wooden base.


Each lampshade is made with amazing beautiful hand made pressed papers from around the world. Each shade is a unique piece of art and can compliment different settings. With a soft light each shade will give off hues that may warm the existing colours present in the room adding texture to the ambiance you may be looking for. Please consider the lamp shades how both the translucency and colour will interact with each other when the light is on. An opaque lampshade will not broadcast the light through the lampshade but will direct the light downwards. If the lampshade is translucent, the light will cast the colour of the shade throughout the room. Note that each hand made lampshade is a piece of art even with the light illuminated and when it is dark.


(USE ONLY LED .6 watt bulb) Using a .6 watt soft LED light bulb allows you to leave the light on for longer periods of time. The soft .6 watt LED bulb protects the Hope lamp hand made lampshade from heat. LED bulbs create 90% less heat and use much less electricity.

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